by Steven Neely


The Vision Nymphmaniac Fly Line is a technical nymphing line with a clever trick up its sleeve. Unlike other nymphing lines, it features a unique taper that enables you to deliver a technical nymphing presentation. Yet it is also capable of loading these nymphing rods, allowing you to accurately present small dry flies with a super delicate presentation. This means you can quickly switch tactics if a hatch appears while working through a pool without wasting time changing lines. It must be said, though, it isn’t specifically designed to load medium-fast action dry fly rods like the Vision Rivermaniac (read review here) or throw large bushy dries. However, it is undoubtedly a great addition to your nymphing set-up to take advantage of changing conditions on the water when having that extra string to your bow could make all the difference.

A picture of a Vision reel with Vision Nymphmaniac Fly line

The Taper

The front six meters features Vision’s ‘Nymphing Zone,’ which gives the ultimate in the delicate presentation when nymph fishing. This is built on a mono core. So a little stretch aids massively when using light, thin-diameter tippets. Overall, the eight-meter front taper allows you to cover large sections of water at a time. Putting your nymphs where they need to go, even from distance. This long-range nymphing is a technique I find myself increasingly using when fishing chalk streams and this line has helped ‘big time’ with my approach.

The taper’s incredibly thin diameter offers the angler more direct contact. Unlike a traditional weight forward line, there is no added weight in the front section. So line sag – the bane of the nymph anglers life – is vastly reduced. Less sag, better contact and quicker take detection means more fish in the net.

Nymphmaniac Fly Line – But What About Dries?

One minute you’re merrily nymphing away, and then out of nowhere, the fish are up and feeding on a hatch of fly. This is especially common during the winter months. Your window of opportunity is short, and changing quickly to the dry fly is crucial.

With the Nymphmaniac line, you simply remove your existing leader, switch it for a dry fly one, and you are ready to go. Tiny micro loops at the front and back make for quick, easy and hassle-free fishing.

The cleverly designed head section has weight at the rear, just enough to load a softer nymphing rod. Much like a weight forward. However, unlike a weight forward line, the Nymphmaniac line has that long, thin front section allowing you to achieve a super soft presentation.

A Delicate Presentation

So, not only do we have the accuracy, but we also have very little disturbance when the line lands on the water. This can make a dramatic difference when it comes to fooling fish with a dry fly. A heavy line crashing onto the water will put the fish ‘on alert’. But this line alights on the water like thistledown, vastly increasing your chances of tempting a rise.

Given the line’s thin profile, its real forte is smaller patterns, like spinners, emergers and CDC flies. Ones we’re looking to present with finesse and the minimum of fuss. In these situations, your suddenly in the game with you’re nymphing set-up, and the line’s presentation and performance attributes really come into play.

The Vision Nymphmaniac fly line offers the best of both worlds regarding river fishing. Supreme control and direct contact while nymph fishing. With vastly improved, delicate presentation when targeting fish with technical dry flies on a nymphing rod.

Two exceptional fly lines for the price of one, yes, please.

  • A Trio of line weights, 2, 3 & 4wt
  • Ideal for Euro nymphing and light, technical dry fly fishing
  • Quick and easy line change between styles
  • Long front taper for delicate presentation
  • 6-metre Nymphing Zone at front
  • Micro welded loops
  • Phthalate free
  • Monocore

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