by Steven Neely


River fishing has witnessed a revolution in recent years, with new techniques and the equipment used to employ them evolving at breakneck speed. More people are looking to get to grips with this technically challenging aspect of our sport. To help us succeed, Vision has once again nailed its colours to the mast. The new Rivermaniac range perfectly presents a dry fly in any technical fishing situation!

Vision has very cleverly created these rods with two very different actions, so that you can choose what suits you, ‘medium or fast’ you get exactly what it is that you need!

Medium Action

The Medium Actioned rods are a tremendous boon for more technical fishing situations; we’re talking low, thin water, the real, proper trout-hunting. The style that requires us to go skinny on tippet and to team this with very small, delicate fly patterns.

In these types of scenarios, there’s no room for error, and these rods let us succeed in these ‘fish spooked at the drop of hat situations’. You can get up close and personal, and even better, you can fish in this manner without fear of breakages, as the rod adds plenty of cushion when playing a fish of all sizes.

Fast Action

The quicker, Fast Action Rivermaniac rods let you cover your intended quality with efficiency and precision. The fast tip recovery allows for tight loops and sharpshooter accuracy.  It’s a good choice for larger fly patterns and a godsend punching your line into the teeth of the wind if needed. There’s plenty of power down low, should you need it, letting you tame the most powerful of fish.

This particular action also lends itself to the increasingly popular Duo and the Trio. The stiffer action lets you cast that much further, covering more water and allowing the nymphs to get where they need to be. The stiffer action also helps when it comes to mending the line in varying currents, again keeping you in control when it matters. You’ll also be able to set the hook with far more conviction, knowing the rod has the oomph to take up all that slack and connect with a taking fish, even at range.


These are all nine footers, light and responsive and adapting with the casting stroke to deliver a fly where it needs to go and capitalise on every fishing situation we may encounter. The models cover all the popular line weights from a crisp little #3 to the beefier, big river #6. It is an extensive selection that offers you plenty of opportunities. From small streams, through medium-sized venues, right up to the vast and sprawling rivers that hold specimen trout and grayling, there’s a dry fly rod to suit!


Vision has looked closely at the business end of these rods too, the lighter models feature half wells handles. The bigger, more powerful #6 have a half wells handle and a fighting butt, a great addition to have when monster trout are on the cards. These are all four-piece models and come in a matt copper colour. This style means that there’s no flash when the sun’s out, potentially spooking wary fish, it’s all toned down, so there’s nothing to give you away.

There are times on the water you only ever get ‘one chance’, and these Rivermaniac rods give you everything you need to make that one chance count!

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