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Improving Marginal Gains

Vision is blazing a trail when it comes to rod design, blank attributes, and of course, overall performance.

With the continued success of the Stillmaniac range, Vision has capitalised even further with the introduction of its new, Stillmaniac 9’9- #7. This beauty, which has been designed specifically for stillwater fly fishing – with some serious input from major competition anglers from all over the world – perfectly fills a niche for the UK fishing scene.

Anglers are becoming more demanding these days, and in a competitive environment, marginal gains mean everything. Gone are the ‘one size fits all’ days. Having more choice, whether in the form of rods, reels, or lines, allows anglers to tailor their tackle to suit the fishing conditions and environment. By having the tools at their disposal, they can make the most of so many fishing situations.

Plenty Of Power

This shorter Stillmaniac fly rod still retains plenty of power like its bigger brother, but it’s also just a little more refined in its makeup. It offers a little give when you need it most, and this means that it will handle the modern sinking lines and their often aggressive profiles, which we love here in the UK.

It’s an excellent choice for when ‘the hang’ is playing a big part in the day’s fishing too, that little extra flex ensures that you stay connected when a trout hits hard rather than getting snapped up, which can often happen with stiffer blanks.

TargtingThe Surface Layers

However, this rod has finesse too, the kind of finesse that lends itself to more subtle fishing applications, so that nymphing and dry fly become a whole lot easier and far more enjoyable.

From floating lines down to fast intermediates, lines that allow us to search the surface layers are what sees the 9ft 9-inch 7-weight really excel. These types of lines, fished on this rod, let the knowledgeable angler get away with far lighter tippets to present smaller, more delicate flies naturally. Of course, being able to do this when the situation presents itself will see more fish in the net. Marginal gains are what it’s all about after all.

Make the Most Of The Fight

It should also be highlighted that when it comes to playing fish, no matter what size, the rod offers exceptional ‘feel’ and balance, allowing anglers to get the most from the fight. At the same time, as the responsive tip allows anglers to enjoy the battle, the lower sections of the blank are there as backup, some reserve power should you need it if you are lucky enough to hook into something special.

The 9’9 #7-weight Stillmaniac gives anglers the ability to adapt quickly to various fishing situations, and it’s this ability that makes it a ‘must-have’ in any stillwater angler’s armoury!

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