by Steven Neely


If there is anything more divisive in the fly-fishing fraternity than tippet choice, then I’m yet to see it. Although we get bogged down with rods, reels, and fly lines, our real focus should be on what we use to present our flies, i.e. the business end – the tippet! No matter which style of fly-fishing you go for, tippet choice is critical to success. We may argue over the pros and cons of different brands but still, the one thing we can all agree on is the amazing technical and performance-enhancing capabilities of modern-day fluorocarbons. You maybe can’t buy confidence, but you can buy products that give you confidence, and RIO Fluoroflex tippet material gives me it in spades. I have gone out of my way to source RIO Fluorocarbons for the last two decades. I just can’t see past this exceptional tippet, as it has all the key attributes I require when out on the water.

Strong & Versatile

Due to its medium stiffness, RIO Fluoroflex is perfect for throwing Stillwater lures, indicator rigs and river streamers. It also aids the turnover of a wide range of fly sizes in windy conditions. Add all these attributes together, and you can see why it’s my no.1 choice and the choice of so many accomplished anglers around the world! Confidence in your gear gives you confidence on the water, simple!

This stuff is strong, featuring high tensile and knot strength. It’s a material that allows you to fish without fear of being broken off in any fly-fishing situation. From open water styles, pulling lures like a man possessed to nymphing techniques in areas with structures or other hazards that can easily damage your line, here’s a material that won’t let you down. 

Specialised Material

Made in Japan, using industry-leading methods, RIO’s Fluoroflex has been uniquely designed specifically for fly-fishing, which not all fluorocarbons are. And a word of warning here, you often see bulk spools on offer of products that fall under the wide umbrella of fluorocarbons. They are thicker, far stiffer and, as a result, more likely to coil and tangle when fly-fishing. Fluoroflex, however, offers us so much more when it comes to fly-fishing success on U.K. venues.

Okay, a small note here about the refractive index. It may sound complicated, but essentially it’s about light penetration, and all we need to know is that Fluoroflex has pretty much the same refractive index as water. In a nutshell, this tippet is as good as invisible underwater. Fluoroflex tippet pretty much disappears once submerged, making your gorgeous flies look like they’re suspended naturally in the water. How good is that, a tippet that the fish will struggle to see?

My No. 1 Choice

For all the different types of fishing we practice here in the UK, this stuff is great. It’ll punch out all types of flies no matter how windy it is. This tippet will turn everything over with ease. This combination of strength, thin diameter and versatility is why Fluoroflex is my No. 1 choice and the choice of many accomplished anglers worldwide!

  • Near invisible in water.
  • Constructed to aid turnover no matter what conditions you face.
  • Enough suppleness, coupled with a thin diameter, allows for perfect presentation.
  • Strong and durable, letting anyone roly-poly like a madman without fear of being broken by brutal takes from aggressive trout.
  • Available in two spool lengths to suit any budget.

Confidence in your gear gives you confidence on the water – simple!

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