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The RIO Elite Scandi Outbound needs little introduction. Since its launch earlier this year, the updated version has certainly got the UK Salmon scene talking. The line’s performance has reached even higher levels with the new SlickCast coating and low-stretch ConnectCore Plus, making this one of the best Scandi lines ever.

However, now we’re upping the ante by playing another trump card, the re-introduction of the Elite Scandi Outbound Hover. This high-performing, fully integrated line shares all the cutting-edge technology of the floating Elite Scandi Outbound. Pushing casting capability and fishability even further. 

The best scandi lines that have ever been made product image
The best scandi lines that have ever been made product image

The Best Scandi lines = Increased Iine speed

The Elite Scandi Outbound floater is an incredible casting line. However, with its casting performance, the Hover version will blow away fans of the previous floating versions. Being denser than its floating counterpart, this line really does fly. It generates incredible line speed, and the SlickCast running line sets it free in a controlled manner. The new RIO Elite Hover line is one of the best Scandi lines I have ever cast, which is quite a feat.

Depending on line rating, the head length ranges from 37ft to 41ft, while the RIO AFS taper ensures optimal casting performance. With a sink rate of 1 inch per second and a floating shooting line incorporating a highly visible handling section, this line really is a game-changer.

Fly lines held over a river to show the difference in colours
Rio Elite Scandi Outbound Hover held over a river to show the difference in sizes and colours

The Best Scandi lines = Back by popular demand

The main reason for the making of this line, specifically for the UK market, is simply because of demand. Many Ghillies and experienced salmon anglers have asked us to bring back the hover line because they considered it such a great fish-catching line. Arguably, one of the best Scandi lines they had ever cast!

When we asked these fishermen what they missed about the Outbound Hover, they regularly mentioned how well it casts. And how differently the Hover would swing/fish through certain pools compared to multi-tips and full floating heads. Not just in high water but in water that would be considered ‘ideal’ in depth and pace.

Angler holding product over water
Angler holding the elite outbound hover over water

The Best Scandi lines = Versatile depth control

There is absolutely no doubt that multi tip line systems work in many situations. However, in certain types of water, heavy gliding type flows that can be typical of the Tweed, as just one example, multi tips can sometimes swing too quickly. This happens because of the floating back section exposed to the faster upper layers of water.

Even Skagit heads with heavy tips attached can suffer from this drawback in similar situations. I was reminded of the fact just this spring. The surface speed of the water was such that the fat floating back section of a 725 grain Skagit was really catching the fast water on the surface, and as a result wasn’t fishing deep enough – the swing was too fast for the time of year. Once I changed to a full sinking head the reduction in swing speed was considerable.   

Used in conjunction with RIO Versileaders the Elite Hover can get surprisingly deep – more so than multi-tips in certain flows – yet still maintain carry. So lighter and/or smaller flies can be used to achieve depth without over compromising swing speed, and often without the need to mend if that is what’s required to keep the speed up. 

This image shows the sink tip for depth control
This image shows the sinking tip for depth control

The Best Scandi lines = RIO AFS Taper

Owing to the classic RIO AFS taper and length of the head, the line is easy to use in many situations. For example, from restricted casting room to deep wading. The integration of the head with the super slick shooting line, which functions as a rear taper. Creating an incredibly stable system in the air, leading to impressive casting distances. The integrated shooting line also permits fishing flies much closer to you without experiencing the bump of a connection through the rod rings.

The RIO AFS taper also makes it one of the best scandi lines to roll up from the depths. In fact, I often found I could forgo the roll cast, even when the head was quite deep with casts such as the C cast and even Snake rolls. The Hover works best in conjunction with RIO Versileasers, and the faster sinking the Versileader the better it flew. 

This image shows the handling section of the line
The best Scandi lines have a low-stretch core; this image shows the high viz handling section

The Best Scandi lines = Tracking Angle and Speed

RIO uses ConnectCore Plus in the construction of the Elite Hover. Enhancing casting feedback, fish detection, and snag detection. The main function of its highly visible handling section is to easily identify the loading point before making a cast. However, just as importantly, it also acts as an indicator on the water, ideal for tracking the angle and speed of the head as it fishes round. 

The new Elite Scandi Outbound Hover has become my new favourite scandi line setup. It reminds us that altering the line system can significantly change how we present a fly. Be that affecting presentation, swing speed, and depth. Personally, this is one of the best Scandi lines available, a line everyone needs to have in their arsenal.


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