by Steven Neely


Uk’s No 1 Scandi Line

Introducing the all-new RIO Elite Scandi OutBound, bringing together the UK’s No 1 floating Scandi Line and RIO’s groundbreaking SlickCast technology! This perfect combination will take your Scandi style casting to a whole new level. Providing you with the slickest, fastest and most durable Scandi line on the market today.

Rio Elite Scandi Outbound Line box

Increased Range

The addition of RIOs Slickcast technology to the new Elite Scandi Outbound also offers big advantages over the old version. A slicker shooting line has less friction, so shoots through the rod guides easily, increasing range. It’s also easier to handle when retrieving flies, bringing the head back between casts or mending and steering during the swing. Slickcast has the lowest friction available on any fly line on the market today. 

Increased durability

If the increased range wasn’t enough, Slickcast’s durability stands unrivaled, with a proven coating that is 140% tougher than the next best technology. The shooting line section of any system will endure significant punishment over the course of a busy season, as hard stops, constant stripping, snags, and the potential pull from big fish all contribute to taking a toll on fly lines. Lab tests have proven that Slickcast coated lines will last 90,000 more cycles than RIO’s closest competitor.

Increased Sensitivity

Finally, the Elite Oubound is built on RIO’s ConnectCore Plus. This low-stretch core improves line control and increases sensitivity, allowing you to detect even the slightest of takes. This heightened sensitivity enables quicker reactions for effective hook sets, especially when dealing with subtle takes or when fishing at distance.

Scandi Line Taper Design

The rear weight distribution and long front taper allow energy to transfer through the line and unroll it effortlessly. The long forward taper makes it a good choice when the delicate presentation of smaller flies on long leaders. However, the line will also easily turn over and deliver the fastest sinking RIO Versileaders, providing versatility to cover a range of water conditions and different fishing techniques.

Because of the short belly, it rapidly loads up the rod and excels in confined spaces when back casting room is limited. It has proven itself to me countless times over the years, and the AFS taper works well with many different rod actions, casting styles, and abilities. The line excels with stealthy aerial anchor casts like the single Spey and is equally well-suited to sustained anchor casts, such as Snap-Ts with fast sinking Versileaders.

Scandi Line product boxes
Scandi Line image of boxes sat in back of van

Seamlessly Integrated Scandi Line

The seamless integration between the head and shooting line offers two main advantages. Firstly, you can smoothly retrieve the head through the rod guides without the clatter caused by joins. This is particularly useful when a fast and/or prolonged retrieve is necessary when stripping a Sunray, for example. The second big advantage is in casting. Integrating the AFS head into the shooting line allows for a slightly longer rear taper, giving increased stability in flight. The result is a line that consistently keeps its shape in the air with a minimum amount of range-reducing drag.

Scandi Line Presentation

The addition of the NEW RIO Versileaders further enhances the presentation and performance of the Outbound. As well as providing essential taper to the front end of the line system, Versileaders provide more depth control options. They also have an improved taper and are much easier to cast than the previous versions. They are also now available in a NEW clear floating option through Sink 6 densities. To fine-tune your line further and suit your particular set-up, they are available in two different sizes, Medium and Heavy; Medium leaders for Scandi lines of #8 and below and Heavy for #9 and above.  You can find more information here.
RIO Versileader product images

To summarize, the technology added has significantly improved the No 1 Scandi Line in Britain, I can’t recommend it enough. A floating line that has served me and so many anglers well over the years has just become even better.


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