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Smooth, Slick & Effortless Casting

Vision’s new fly line range has been designed specifically with our Stillmaniac rods (or any other modern fly rods) in mind; a marriage made in heaven.

These lines are super-slick and feel incredibly smooth through the rod.

All the lines have a 13 meter head coupled with a taper design, so presenting your flies at distance is a breeze. The rod will load quickly, less false casts are required and longer casts can be achieved more efficiently, allowing you to cover more water. The total line length is an impressive 33 meters, so you can hit the horizon. This is a massive bonus, both in a competitive environment and for pleasure anglers, allowing more options and various presentations whether on the bank or in a boat.

Industry First!

The range also boasts industry-first tippet rings on the business end of the fly lines. This small but unique addition offers anglers a quick and simple way to attach leaders. Thanks to this great little feature there’s no longer any need for messing around with braided loops, sleeves that are too big or small and, of course, the dreaded super glue. With these neat little tippet rings you are ready and good to go from the off.

The tippet ring itself is solid, your line would break before it does, and it slides through the rod rings with ease.

With a welded loop at the rear of the fly line, attaching to the backing is quick and easy too.

Covering All Eventualities 

There are six fly lines within the Stillmaniac range so the whole of the water column can be covered, from the ever so slow Slo-Mo, sinking at 0.5 inches per second, to the super-fast Sink 7 which plummets through the water at 7 inches per second. 

The trout have nowhere to hide!

Other than the clear intermediate and the Sink 7, the lines are all the same olive colour. However, to make line ID easy, Vision has incorporated a subtle, unobtrusive colour-coded sleeve behind the tippet ring.

The sink rate is also printed here and helps identify which line you’re using. In other words, you know which fly line you’re casting but no one else does (brilliant for the competition anglers). You can put your RIT dye away now guys! Having been using these for some time now, I was worried I’d get the lines mixed up but with the coloured sleeve at the very tip of the line that’s pretty much impossible.

Game Changers

For me, there are two standout lines in the range. I love the Slo-Mo, and I think that’s got a lot to do with the way we tend to fish these days. We seem to have moved away from the days of really fast stripping. Fishing up in the surface layers, washing line-style with a FAB on the point and two nymphs in front and fishing our flies slowly is the done thing. The incredibly slow sink rate of this line makes it the ideal choice for this style of fishing.

These lines also have minimal stretch, making them even more efficient when adopting these more subtle tactics.

It’s also the first line out of my bag for brown trout fishing. When it comes to targeting brown trout on wild waters a line that anchors just subsurface will out fish all others. It also has the added benefit of not fishing your flies too deep so that at the end of the retrieve you can dibble that top dropper effectively on the surface, often provoking an aggressive take.

My other favourite is the clear intermediate which sinks at one inch per second. This style of line really comes into its own on smaller stillwaters and allows you to cover fish time and again without fear of spooking them. This particular intermediate is so clear as to be pretty much invisible.

When it comes to fishing your flies on a level plane, something that stillwater trout often find irresistible, this line really does take some beating. Whether fishing lures on their own (Damsel, Cat, Apps), stripping them back with a short pull retrieve to get a response, or delicately figure-of-eighting back a team of nymphs over weedbeds or open water, I find this intermediate offers so much more than other, coloured intermediates can.

Once again Vision has put a lot of serious thought into a new product and come up with some pretty awesome features in order to make us, the anglers, more successful on the water.

  • Industry first tippet ring
  • Coloured identity sleeves
  • Long cast taper
  • Low stretch

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