Vision Hero Nymph Rod

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A small word of advice for all the river anglers out there – euro nymphing is NOT as complicated as it may seem!

The whole point of the exercise is simple really, we are looking to deliver our flies to an area where we feel that a trout or grayling is likely to be. Once the flies have been delivered it’s then a case of tracking them back, with the current, using the rod tip to control them. This allows for a ‘dead drift’ in the hope that our nymphs will fool a fish into taking them!

We do, however, need the correct tools to get the job done to a decent standard. As with most things in life, having the correct components that allow us to do a specific task well is crucial if we’re to succeed.

The Vision Hero Nymph rod has been designed to give maximum control, optimum presentation and exceptional performance for this style of nymph fishing. What’s more it does so at a price point we can all afford and I’d argue there’s nothing on the market that performs to such a standard whilst offering such exceptional value for money. These are affordable fly rods with features to suit all anglers, from beginners through to the more serious competition angler.

The action of the Hero rods complements this nymphing style, heightens the sensitivity and, dare I say it, the enjoyment of playing fish of any size. The tips of these rods are such that they let us put our flies exactly where we need them to go but also, deep within the blank, there’s backbone. This power allows you to target bigger fish, in all water conditions, and to do so with supreme confidence. With rods featuring a softer action this kind of confidence goes out the window, the flex is a little too much and it doesn’t allow us the control when we need it.

The Hero combines all the must-have attributes in a nymphing rod; a fast-ish action, but at the same time it is soft enough in the tip to allow us to fish with very fine tippets and small flies.

In a nutshell, the rear end is stiff enough but the front section starts to mellow and soften, the perfect rod for the Euro Nymphing game.

The length of these rods (there are two 10 footers in 3 and 4 weights) gives us the advantage of reach, allowing us to present our flies in specific areas without fear of spooking fish. It also gives us the angles to work with in order to aid take detection and in all water types – nymphing is not just for pocket water and riffles!

Another key feature with a long rod is the guides. The single leg guides on the Hero rods are spaced closer together and this stops our line from sagging between them. Take detection is vital with this technique and only comes with total line control, the most important factor being close contact with the flies we’re fishing. Any sag, anywhere in our set up, can cost us – it’s that simple. This rod, with the guide spacing, eliminates line sag through the rings and will certainly help you register more takes.

With these rods we can also cast our long ‘Euro leaders’ a lot further; the longer casting stroke that these 10ft rods facilitates helps us massively. Line mending too is much easier with a longer rod and allows for more control in the varying water conditions where we can present our nymphs. It helps us navigate far more water than a shorter, stiffer outfit.

Although both rods do an exceptional job for all nymphing disciplines, I’d be looking to use a 3 weight for summer when targeting shallower pocket water, pool tails and riffles. The 4 weight I’d choose for my winter forays targeting grayling. Here we’ll be using heavy bugs, fished in deeper seamy water. Combine this with big grayling and their huge dorsal fins and you can see why I prefer the beefier rod!

If you’re looking to get into this style of fishing or indeed are already enjoying this highly effective technique, these rod give you the ability to cover all the bases and at a price that’s very affordable.

Value for money . . . you’ve got it!

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