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A floating line is possibly the most crucial fly line in our armoury when it comes to still water trout fishing here in the UK. Unlike some of the other lines we take for a day on the water, the floater is essential, I’d go as far as to say that we would be lost without it. An excellent floating line lets us fish in a host of different ways, and we can utilise it with varying techniques.

It opens up a world of possibilities, but you must make sure that you have one that performs in all areas, RIO has all the bases covered here, from the ever-reliable RIO Gold to the awesome RIO Perception, the brand has a floating line to suit. For our ‘subtle fishing styles’ dry fly, nymphing, washing line, the floater reigns supreme.

But a ‘standard’ floater can, in certain situations, leave us feeling frustrated, situations like…

  • Fishing larger flies
  • Bung fishing at range
  • Sensitivity at range

It’s funny, we think that all ‘sinking’ style lines are specialist, but the same can be said for a certain floater…. In my opinion, a highly ‘specialised’ one, which addresses the above problems. The RIO InTouch Stillwater Floater has been standing out for me lately, and that’s mostly in part due to its outstanding construction. It’s a line that offers more than most for us here in the UK, let me explain…

This is not a purists fly line, and you would’nt use it to cast dries as it’s in no way subtle; it’s a monster! The taper – the area at the front end of the line that loads the rod to cast- is constructed in a manner that gives you more ‘bang for your buck!’ Although it’s not in the shooting head league, it’s aggressive enough to allow you to cast long distances. A lot further than most other floaters, so that you’re covering more water. It’s an out and out distance thing, and it’s pretty insane really compared to most other floaters.

It’s dual coloured, green head / yellow running line, so that you know when the head is out to load the rod, a handy little addition which helps both novice and experienced anglers alike. But you can (I’ve tried it) push it even further, letting some running line out the tip ring and really loading your rod to its full potential. I can cast the whole line in a flat calm – here’s the crazy bit, when fishing a lure under a Bung!

It’s this that gives it the speciality tag for me. I can cast, and more importantly fish a Bung at distance, much greater distances than a regular floater. You may say that I should fish the Bung at close range for a more direct hookup, in most cases I’d agree however this line has InTouch technology, it has virtually no stretch, so even at range I can pull the hook home, that’s a massive advantage for me!

For small water work, it’s a ‘must-have’ fly line, and for boat fishing when the Bung comes into play early season, this line allows you to fish at distance so that you’re covering water before your boat partner, bonus! The taper on this thing also lets you cast other bigger flies and ‘wind resistant ‘patterns like the large floating fry, Minkies and the like that we fish at the back end. It has ‘GRUNT’ even with a strong wind in your face, truly a powerhouse floating line, unlike any others out there.

But there’s more to this line that needs highlighting.

I mentioned it with the Bung, but it has virtually no stretch, thanks to the ‘Connect Core’. I love the sensitivity of it all, there’s no lag, everything is immediate, it’s nuts when fishing big lures on ‘the drop’ you feel each and every touch. The other benefit of this non-stretch is that even the subtlest of takes will often result in hookups. Fly lines with too much stretch can often end in missed opportunities, something we can do without when the takes are few and far between.

The InTouch Stillwater Floater is super-high floating too, thanks to the ‘MaxFloat Tip’ this again aids take detection as well as keeping everything where you want it. The tip won’t sink; it allows you to gauge where the flies are fishing, something that can be hard to determine when the tip of your floater is fishing under the surface.

It’s dual coloured, a bright yellow running line runs into a bright green front section, so it’s highly visible in all conditions. The line also features a hang marker, pretty unique for a floater! I find this a great addition on small still waters as I fish my lure up a sloping bank, pausing for a few seconds at the marker, allowing the flies to sink again here, can be an awesome tactic. From the boat, you’ll often find that the hang marker hits the tip ring just as your flies are vertical, again a crucial point when after fry feeders with weighted flies! Add in welded loops at both ends and you’ve got yourself, what I think is the ultimate in floating line technology and performance!

The RIO InTouch Stillwater Floating Line is a specialist line for us here in the UK, one which addresses the issues of

  • Fishing larger flies
  • Bung fishing at range
  • Sensitivity at range

No matter if you’re on the bank or boat, here’s a floating line that will get the job done.


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