by Steven Neely


Modern nymph fishing on rivers can be a technical affair, and this can be frustrating for some less experienced anglers. However, as with most things, with the right tools the process becomes a whole lot easier. Making something like ‘Euro Nymphing’ accessible to all anglers, no matter where they are on their fly-fishing journey, can only drive our sport forward and help grow the numbers taking part in this wonderful pursuit.

The whole point of nymphing is to deliver a fly exactly where you want it to go and be able to track your offering back, with the current, in a natural manner. The most important thing, for us anglers, is the ability to register the most subtle of takes in all water conditions.

Get these key elements right and you’re well on your way to mastering a technique that allows you catch fish the world over.

RIO’s Technical Euro Nymph line goes a long way in helping attain this mastery. This line has it all. As mentioned, take detection is the key attribute to success, and with the line being constructed on a monofilament core it has some inbuilt stiffness – not much, but enough. This means it’s slick and casting is very easy. Without having a weight forward taper, like a standard fly line, to allow the rod to load, it’s incredibly smooth make-up allows it to run freely through the rod rings, even with flies carrying very little in the way of weight. But the real benefit of the mono core is that there is far less ‘line sag’. A more direct, straight line from rod tip to flies offers a much better connection and crucially leads to far more converted takes.

The line is also impressively thin, so is far less susceptible to the push and pull of the wind or water flow, again making it far superior to other fly lines when it comes to sensitivity.

The mono core extends out from the line, an additional 14ft, and the transition is incredibly smooth – flawless in fact. This creates a ‘built-in’ leader, so there are no more ugly knots to get caught in the rod rings when playing that fish of a lifetime.

There’s more!

The level leader has a very thin diameter, only 0.013in so about the same as 15lb fluoro, and is ideal for delivering your indicator and tippet exactly where you want it to go. It also features a pink hue, easily visible in all light conditions and another advantage in allowing us to get a better handle on any takes.

Of course, if you wish, you can cut the leader back, easily adapting and fine tuning it to suit your own fishing styles, different situations or specific venues. The ‘rear’ of the fly line can be trimmed too, allowing the user to manipulate and fine-tune the overall length to suit their own requirements.

Having been playing with this set up for a while now I’m mightily impressed. I use it in conjunction with a small, two feet section of indicator tippet from RIO. The two leaders are barrel knotted together and a small Rio tippet ring placed on the business end. That takes us up to around 16ft, leaving you another four feet to play with and keeping you within FIPS rules, if you’re using a 10ft rod.

The presentation it offers me is second to none and I have to say that this set up is far better and more tactile than the standard single diameter of skinny mono that’s found favour with so many of our friends across the pond. When it comes to slower water, and I’m thinking grayling water here, it’s an ideal companion that lets you get up close and personal without fear of raising suspicion. It’s also a great vehicle for targeting sighted fish, for example on chalkstreams, with a single or double nymph approach. The line has enough mass to load the rod in a manner that allows accuracy, something you lose with straight through mono.

You can also use it like you would in the old-fashioned way of nymphing, upstream or up and across, with a single nymph and allowing the current to fish the flies back to you. This method can be lethal when it comes to summer fishing in low water.

Finally, don’t discount it as another string to your bow when it comes to fishing dry flies. Get a tippet ring on the end section, add your skinny tippet and you have the ultimate stealth set up for slow, shallow water. Pool tails can be handled with ease.

Functionality and performance have been combined to give us anglers the ultimate fly line for tactical fishing situations . . . RIO, take a bow.


  • Sensitivity
  • Integrated leader for no-knot connection
  • Level, adaptable line that can be cut and tuned for individual preferences
  • Monofilament core for sensitivity and stiffness


  • Coating Length – 80ft
  • Leader Length – 14ft
  • Coating Diameter – 0.023in
  • Leader Diameter – 0.013in
  • Core Strength – 18lb

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