Pike Fly Fishing Giveaway

by Guide Blog
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Enter our Pike fly fishing giveaway for a chance to win a full Vision Pikemaniac outfit, including the awesome NEW Vision XLS Pikemaniac reel. One lucky winner will receive this awesome Pike Fly Fishing outfit, giving you the perfect set-up for the Autumn Pike fly fishing season.

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These rods have been designed for predator anglers together with Pikemaniac fly lines, and they offer an amazingly powerful tool for easily casting extra big predator flies to the horizon. Their strong, medium-fast action is ideally suited for targeting a range of predatory fish with large flies, whether from the boat, belly boat or the shore. Additionally, materials like 40-ton carbon, corrosion-resistant titanium stripping guides and a high-density EVA handle means this rod delivers high-end performance but at a mid-range price. 

Additionally, the rod is equipped with a fish ruler up to 130cm, allowing you to measure that next Big Mama. The aluminium reel seats feature an extra-large tightening nut, making it extremely easy to secure your reel properly to the rod. The smaller second nut acts as extra security, so the reels really stay put in the heat of battle. Pikemaniac rods are 4-piece and are available with EVA handles and cordura travel tubes.


Introducing the all-new Vision XLS Pikemanaic fly reel, where power meets precision. This reel follows on from the infamous Vision XLV Mama reel, and it features a series of cutting-edge upgrades. Consequently, it has become the go-to reel for your next pike fly fishing trip.

At the heart of the XLS Pikemaniac, you’ll find a brand-new sealed drag system. Notably, this sealed, robust disc brake has been engineered from the ground up to deliver the performance required for pike fly fishing. Additionally, a fully adjustable drag system will see you conquer even the biggest toothy predators.”

The XLS Pikemaniac also features a rock-solid heraldic v-frame, ensuring strength and rigidity in the heat of battle. The large arbour design delivers fast line retrieval. While the reel’s optimised dimensions are perfect for #9 and #10 lines, making it the ‘go-to’ reel for targeting pike and other apex predators.


Pikemaniac is the line of choice for hardcore pike fly fishing. Moreover, it excels at casting big and bulky flies to the horizon. Notably, the Pikemaniac features a 12-meter head, and this extends with a 4-meter Handling Zone. Specifically, the Handling Zone refers to a section of thicker running line just behind the head. This section assists in handling a long line in the air and, consequently, improves the durability of the line.

The profile features a reverse compound taper, with a powerful short front taper designed specifically to cut through the wind. Additionally, Pikemaniac features a slick and supple coating. Remarkably, this coating remains memory-free even in cold conditions. The low-stretch core gives better take detection and hook set, it also transfers casting energy better than traditional cores. Also, ready-made loops make it easy to attach the leader and backing. Furthermore, the line weight and density is printed behind the front loop. Notably, it is phthalate-free.

In addition, on the 13th of NOV 2023, we will randomly select one winner from our consumer mailing list to receive the Pike fly fishing outfit.